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The Black Ice Barcode SDK/ActiveX toolkits are robust and efficient libraries of 1D and 2D barcoding functions, such as reading/decoding, writing/encoding, searching barcodes, and detecting barcode orientation.   The Black Ice Barcode SDK/ActiveX toolkits are written to be image toolkit independent, and can be used with any Black Ice imaging toolkit, such as the TIFF SDK/ActiveX, the Image SDK/ActiveX, or the Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX.  They can also be used with any third party imaging platform.

Using the Black Ice Barcode Toolkits, developers can add barcode symbol recognition and generation to any application such as form processing, shipping and receiving systems, and document management systems.

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1D Barcode Read/Write
$695.00 Add 1D Barcode Read/Write to Cart
2D Barcodes
$999.99 Add 2D Barcodes to Cart
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