Black Ice Color OEM Printer Drivers can be purchased only through our office and are not available in our online store.

For further information please contact Black Ice Sales at +1 561-757-4107. Email:

The Black Ice Color printer drivers can convert any printable file into 24 bit color, 8 bit color, 8 bit grayscale or 1 bit monochrome (black and white) image files. Color images are used primarily by color fax applications, archiving applications, desktop publishing, internet imaging, etc. The Color printer drivers can also extract ASCII text from a printed file in addition to generating TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc. output from printed files.

The Color OEM printer drivers are Runtime Free allowing developers to bundle and distribute the Color Printer Driver as part of their own application with no per user fees. In order to assist Black Ice Printer Driver users to accomplish printing and Black Ice Printer Driver related tasks, a Printer Driver Resource Toolkit package is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of any Black Ice Color Printer Driver.